What many people ask is if they can still use a tampon if they have a yeast infection. While there is a variation in expert advice, there is a negative link connecting this problem to the use of tampons. As a matter of fact, there are online publications that blame tampons as the cause of yeast infections. You must know that Candida is microscopic organism that lives naturally in our bodies. They are kept in check with the help of beneficial probiotics.

cotton tampons

This system is very important in defending our bodies against bacteria and digesting food. Well, tampons do not cause yeast infections. The cause is what is referred to as candidiasis and the Candida microbe multiplies without limit. In circumstances like diabetes, pregnancy, the use of antibiotics give Candida a chance to multiply. It then circulates in the body while provoking symptoms of candidiasis.

The causes of Candida are complex. Scented tampons and the use of scented soaps are the main factors contributing to formation of yeast. The reasons include:

  • It has been known for a long that scented tampons are allergens. It is important that you buy tampons that are not scented.
  • The ratio of alkali to acid is also important. This is the balance between positively charges ions which form acids and negatively charged ions which form bases. The body experienced many problems when the balanced is not achieved.

These reasons are solid enough to support the use of unscented tampons and soaps. You should always go for organic products, like organic tampons. You also need to remember that avoid scented tampons and toiletries is not enough to prevent formation of yeast.

How the tampons absorb is a very important factor to look out for. If you are using a tampon while swimming then it should be able to handle the water. If you are not an experienced swimmer then you may consider using a les absorbent tampon. Today, cotton tampons are preferred by many people around the world.

While yeast is a leading cause of infection in many women, you can do something to ensure that you maintain a high level of hygiene. With the right tampon, you can say goodbye to candidiasis.