Together with the advancement of the technology is the production of different kinds of gadgets that is used by people to make their life easy and comfortable. Time is one of the most important things that people seek to know and watches help them to know. Watches are small timepiece that is made for the intention to be worn or carried by a person to use in telling them what time is it already. There are different types of watches you can see in the market today and one of it is smartwatch.

Smartwatch is a computerized kind of wristwatch that is enhanced its functionality beyond its main purpose for timekeeping. Android smartwatch is one of the most common smartwatch in our generation today.

Common Malfunctions that can be Encountered by Smartwatches

Not all products of technology can escape errors. There are those produced in the market that is not secured to be functioning to its fullest and clearly do have some malfunctions. There are common malfunctions that can be encountered by smartwatches and these are some:

  • Martian Passport, Pebble Smartwatch, Sony SW2, Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch and I’m Watch Smartwatch are watches that have some problems based on their troubleshooting data. The issues were with its waterproofing, screen notifications, and speakers.
  • Speaker is one of the most known part having malfunctions in smartwatches. With Martian Passport, it is reported that it does not have the highest in-call sound quality that causes difficulty in hearing while on calls. I’m Watch Smartwatch also has the same problem with Martian Passport. Pebble Smartwatch goes differently for it has no voice control or speaker at all.
  • One of the best features why people consume smartwatches is it being waterproof. Martian Passport is not recommended to be used in the shower and used when you are walking under strong rainfall.
  • Watches are limited with its screen size for watches do really have small screens. Being made with more than one or two applications, it is really difficult for you to utilize it on a limited screen so it is one of the core problems with smartwatches.

Technology from time to time thinks of new features to add on different existing gadgets to enhance its capacity and functionality to serve people its very purpose. Every year, people seek for advanced and enhanced gadgets that are why developers and innovators think of ways to solve the problems encountered with smartwatches. It is best for you to really check the gadgets that really serve the purpose you seek before buying it.

Products of technology like Smartwatches do meet some malfunctions along its way on being used. Innovators try to solve these malfunctions from time to time and people yet do trust them for buying their released products.