So you have finally come off age and you are completely aware of the aging symptoms that have started to rob you of your ideal youthful look? Then it is time to find the best ways to fight those wrinkles, hide the circles right under your eyes, to restore the moisturized skin that you once had, and above all to clear the sunburns from your skin.

In my mom’s case fighting her wrinkles right actually saved her from the depression that she would have sustained due to old age symptoms. Ideally her use of the best retinoid assisted her in keeping her youthful look. The thing is that as a proven wrinkle reducer, her choice of retinoid was quite ideal. In fact not a single day did she persevere any form of irritation, or unbearable side effect from it.

female face with wrinkles on her forehead

Again my mom’s personal dermatologist ideally understood the job. She constantly advised my mom on the need to keep her lips soft. In addition to that she always prescribed for my mom the balm for her use. You know the kind of thing that would the right doc would give to their patient. In fact she also sensitized my mom on the need to rub her lips lightly with a damp cloth in the morning and before going to bed.

But once my mom started using Dermactiv her dermatologist was there to ensure that she didn’t overdose on fluids. Ideally fluids help to keep the body moisturized but too much consumption of fluids would have left my without the right vitamins in her body, as it would have flushed these essential vitamins off her blood stream. So instead she kept my mom on the right diet of fruits and veggies for her ideal fluid quota.

Another attempt that worked for my mom was the brightening of her skin. Just a last minute skin treatment that mom loved, something that wouldn’t flare up her face before a big event. According to mom’s dermatologist this simple chemical peel with the use of Dermactiv would indeed brighten my mom’s skin and in turn leave her with a depth of exfoliation that would indeed be easier to control.

All these provided my mom with an ideal look for her body. At the end of it all her texture grew smoother, her body plump and moisturized, in overall she kept every single of old age at bay.