Though the influence of the internet is undeniable, printed media is still a very influential tool when it comes to marketing strategies. Today, free standing inserts are widely used by different companies, whether big or small in order to communicate to the target audience in a very affordable manner. The primary role of having Free Standing Inserts is to recommend a certain promotion of a product, brand or service that will be appealing to the public.

Forinstance, when browsing through the daily newspaper, there are additional colorful brochurs that offer certain discounts or sales on gadgets, grocery items, home products and others.

 Free Standing Inserts for Promotional Advertisements

Commonly used advertisement tool

Companies,and even private practices such as dentist and clinics use free standing inserts because it is an affordable tool for promotions. According to studies, making use of FSIs are about 10 times cheaper than directly mailing leaflets or newsletters to target customers or clients. Additionally, a survey was conducted in the United States where Americans admit that they are reading printed versions of newspapers more than the internet. So, by using Free standing inserts, more clients are reached at a cheaper price

The benefits of using FSIs

Unspoken endorsement from a third-party trusted source

Clients will be able to associate the fact that the reader’s trusted daily newspaper trust a certain product or brand enough to be added in the newspaper brochures or FSIs. Then psychology translates that the promotional services rendered are highly favorable and beneficial for the readers.

The promotions are scalable

This simple means that brands and companies can easily scale the salability of the product depending on how the general public responses to the advertisements and promotions. For instance, companies would start smaller brochures first then gradually increase the volume.

The company can be reached through different meant

One advantage of the Free Standing Inserts is that the consumers can reach the company or brand in different ways like through mail, phone, website, mobile, etc.

Can target specific readers

Target customers can be easily reached by FSIs because the company can just choose a specific location or area depending on the ZIP code that the newspaper delivers.

High impact to readers

Once Free-standing Inserts are included in the newspaper, there is no other competition inserted on the space provided. Thus, making it a very huge benefit for using FSI. No competition means having a great impact on customers and the public.

Results are measureable

The result of using a Newspaper Ad Design can be easily be measured in order to gauge whether the promotion is successful or not.This is because the advertisers can easily track which newspaper is very effective.

The use of Free Standing Inserts is very productive and successful because it utilizes the printed media in order to reach the target customers. This method offers exclusivity and great impact to the readers and the general public because it reaches their doorstep along with their trusted daily newspaper. Most of all, there is an implied validation from the newspaper that promotion is trusted.