The happy book bag is a durable and an all friendly alternative to plastic and vinyl book bags. The bag is made from 100% certified organic cotton, right here in New Zealand. The happy book bag offers a learning experience that is beyond the books it’s carrying.

Each of the happy book bag include the story of the happy book bag, which is a coloring book that takes children on a journey from the fields where organic cotton is normally grown to the whirring sewing machines.

Why You Should Go Eco-Friendly with Happy Book Bag

Your child is your hero and the happy book story lets him/her know he can make a difference in the world of today. It’s normally a more amazing experience sharing your love to the environment with the kids. My happy book story makes the child feel he/she can make the world a better place.

Here are the benefits of using eco-friendly happy book bag:

Your happy book bag is stronger than any plastic bag

This is good news for those who buy wine and other groceries that are fragile or glass. Now they can have no fear of the bag breaking and at the same time destroying the fragile materials inside the bag. The eco-friendly bag will never let you down, and will be ready to carry all your heavy materials safely the whole day until you reach the final destination.

Helps you organize

Many people find it more frustrating when they can’t find whatever they bought. With the eco friendly reminders from the shop with bag stickers and pads, one can create a shopping system by simply labeling each bag differently. Every different reusable bag you have can be labeled for a certain food group, or by the clothing type bought.

Helps you stay away from fines

The legislation is always making new laws every year and one of them is the ban of the plastic book bag. The eco friendly happy book bag helps you follow the law and at the same time saves you the money you would donate to the city for something else.

The same applies to items like tampons. It is important that you use eco-friendly items.

Very soon the plastic bags will cease to exist, stay ahead by not letting yourself get left behind in this new transition. Simply go green by getting yourself the eco friendly reusable bag.