#1 Not Working all Three Tricep Heads

As the title implies, your own triceps have a few heads:  the long head, the medial head, and lateral head. It is impossible to isolate every head of the tricep so all of the triceps heads must work in conjunction with each other in order to produce movement. By emphasizing different arm angles, it is possible to stress different heads of the triceps. Way too many lifters don’t realize how certain tricep exercises for mass affect the triceps and a reason why they tend to over work their lateral heads. This results in lesser development in their long and medial heads.

3 Big Tricep Training Mistakes

The Solution

The lateral head of the tricep is worked most when the arms are right next to your side with an overhand grip and both palms facing each other. An example would be the typical tricep pushdown. The medial head is worked the most when the palms are grabbing the bar with an underhand grip.

Of all the tricep heads that assist the arms in reaching full extension, the medial head will work the most regardless the position of the hand on the bar. It is important to reach full arm extension when performing all tricep exercises and squeezing the triceps at the top of the movement/extension. To give the medial head more work and stress, incorporate the reverse-grip tricep pushdown into your workout.

The long heads of the tricep are most targeted when the arms reach a height over your head. In order to target this type of tricep head, incorporate some form of overhead tricep exercise into your workout.

#2 Non-effective Exercise Order

There are certain exercises that don’t do much but it still up to you to choose in what order to perform your tricep workout. Modifying your workout may shock your triceps. One of the best ways to do this is pre-exhausting your triceps by performing the tricep pushdown before you get into close-grip bench pressing.

The best thing is following the route where you first overload your triceps with the most amount of weight. This is when you’re the strongest and you want to take advantage of this when you first begin your best tricep workout.

The Solution

Perform bigger lifts that require more strength such as dips or close-grip bench pressing.

Accomplish next free-weight extension exercises for the triceps.

Conclude using (one-arm) tricep cable exercises.

You possibly can adjust this order once in a while, although you should stick to this template for the majority of tricep workouts.

#3 Performing too many exercises on the machine and cables

A lot of people who work out at the gym rely on too many tricep exercises that involve a type of cable machine.

The Solution

Begin with a compound movement (such as the skullcrushers, close-grip bench press, or dips) in each tricep mass workout.

Don’t forget to incorporate a dual/single dumbbell extension-type exercise in each tricep workout.

If you’re going to include a pushdown-type tricep exercise into your workout, it is advised that both exercises incorporate the two available hand positions: the overhand and the underhand grip.