In one word, activated bamboo charcoal has more surface area than normal bamboo charcoal. From the name you already know that both charcoal are produced from bamboo and both have good adsorption capacity with large surface area. Borim has patented the secret formula of increasing surface area of charcoal twice, and it is known as Activated bamboo charcoal.
So when we left the term ‘activated’, we mean non activated charcoal.

Types of Activated Charcoal:

There are many different types of activated charcoal present in the market for both natural use and commercial use. Among them Bamboo, Coconut and Hardwood activated charcoal are more popular. All of them have different pore size and pore distribution.
Among these three types of charcoal, bamboo and coconut has bigger pore sized than hard wood.
Also the total pore volume of these three types of charcoal is not same.  Coconut and bamboo based charcoal have high total pore volume than hard wood and coal based carbons.
Pore volume is expressed in milliliters per gram (ml/g). Generally, higher pore volume indicates higher effectiveness. In activation, the most common process is steam activation. In steam activation, carbons are exposed at more than 1k C of steam. Heat burns minute holes into the carbonized base material and produce large number of pores within the carbonaceous material.
But the exact procedure is not same for all these three types of charcoal. It is slightly different from one another.

Uses of Activated Bamboo Charcoal:

·        Whitening Teeth
·        Treats Alcohol Poisoning
·        Mold Cleansing
·        Alleviates Gas and Bloating
·        Water Filtration
·        Air Purifier
·        Emergency Toxin Removal
·        Digestive Cleanse
·        Skin and Body Health
·        Reduces High Cholesterol
·        Anti Aging

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