Plumber works successfully with the aid of various plumbing tools.   It helps them perform their job easily and efficiently.  Plumbers use several vital tools. Some basic and advice tools include the following:

  • Sink Auger (  could be canister auger or drum auger) 

This plumbing tool is one of the valuable tools in dealing with your home plumbing problems. It is very efficient and easy to utilize in cleaning   and breaking up clogs in your tub or sink. But take note that sink auger can’t be used in your toilets.  There’s also right and special tool for it, the toilet or closet auger.

  • The Toilet  Auger  ( also known as closet auger)

  Water closet   means toilet   in plumbing terms.  This is used for perfectly cleaning toilet clogs.

  • Flange Plunger

A plunger is specially designed to clean toilet clogs through vacuum application and water pressure. This tool seals the bottom hole of your toilet bowl.

  • Wrenches

This is also one vital tool used by plumbers.   Varied types of wrenches are often included in plumbers’ tool kit. One of it is the pipe wrench, which is heavy duty.  Its opening is adjustable having serrated teeth. These teeth grip the fitting in pipes as plumbers turns this tool. Other type of wrenches includes Allen and Crescent wrenches.

Advance and Basic Plumbing Tools

  • Pipe and drain cleaning tools

These cleaning plumbing tools are categorized into three, the chemical drain cleaning tools, enzymatic cleaners and electric cleaners.  These are used when taking preventative measure alongside with future blockage.

  • Hacksaw

 Like other tools, this comes in varied   sizes.   Both smaller and bigger hacksaw are carried by plumbers for flexible and   efficiently job. With its participation in plumbing, plumbers can get rid of blade, wrap it with cloth and put in difficult to reach location.

  • Hole and drill- boring tools

  Some of boring tools in plumbing include electric drill, hammer drill, masonry bits and hole-saw bits. These plumbing tools are used in easily creating holes in walls and other types of concrete, which pipes are commonly placed.

  • Metal File

 After the pipes have been cut, this tool eliminates burrs as well as smoothen the pipes’ metal edges.

  • Pliers –   Tongue And  Groove

 When plumbers need to pull, twist, grab, loosen and tighten something, pliers are suits best.

  • Propane  torch

When sweating copper fittings and copper pipes, propane torch is required. Throughout the plumbing process, this tool can provide plumbers with convenience.

  • Hydro jetter

A professional and advance tool used by plumbers, which clears away entire forms of clogs.  This utilizes great water pressure   to clean pipes.

  • Drain snake

Like hydro jetter, this is also a big help in removing clogs. It is made up of wires coiling and twisting like snakes through your pipes.   This is indeed one valuable plumbing tool that is used by Advanced Plumbing NJ.

  • Video inspection on pipes

Through this tool, plumbers can now easily identify what causes the blockage.    This snake down those pipes and sees everything through camera.

Advance plumbing needs advance tools and of course, skilled plumbers like Advanced Plumbing NJ. Having knowledge on varied tools that are used in plumbing   is an edge among home owners.