If you own a car in Mexico then you must have realized that there is never a one-size-fits-all type of car insurance policy. In fact to be realistic auto insurance in Mexico comes with different type of premiums for almost every individual and also a variety of insurance policies to choose from.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • Basic Liability Coverage.

Auto Insurance Tricks That Your Must Know To Get The Best Policy In Mexico

However, when in Mexico a number of tips will help you to get the best auto insurance policy for your car. Here are a few that working with Mexican Auto Insurance has taught me.

Know The Value of Your Car.

The value of your car will help you to determine the best form of insurance to go for, the most flexible insurance premiums to work with, and the amount of risk that your car is exposed to. In fact the following might apply when it comes to the valuation of your car.

  • If the annual premium is higher than the car, a third party option will be best.
  • If your car is a classic then going for special providers who understand the risk is best.
  • If your car has cosmetic or mechanical modifications high rate insurance will not be best.

Use Your Age To Negotiate.

Car insurance policy providers consider a number of things before giving you the rates. One of these factors is age. Typically young drivers are considered more accident prone since they have low experience but love speed. Due to this they’re usually put under higher premiums than the elderly drivers. But again older drivers could still pay more since they are considered to be the highest claimers of their insurance. As young driver you can still get better rates and here is how.

  • Add a named driver to your policy.
  • Get an extra driving qualification.

Going for No-Claim Bonuses

Top auto insurers will provide you with specific bonus if you go for certain duration without claiming your car’s insurance. They will also offer you better rates and many other discounted services. Reason being that the fewer claims you’ve had before the higher chances that you will not make any even now. And this makes insurers to view you as a “better risk” and thus give you lower rates.

Generally Secure Your Car.

Certain forms of car insurance policies such as the comprehensive cover will save you against theft and other form of non-auto collisions. However they can be on the expensive side. To bring the rates down a number of improvements to your car could do the trick. Here are some.

  • Fix your car with security alarms and immobilizers.
  • Fix tracking devices and anti theft locks on the wheels.
  • Build a home garage for your cars safe parking.
  • Automate your garage with automatic locks, sensors, and cameras.

If you are in Mexico, Mexico Auto Insurance advices that apart from these you can also add on the following.

  • Consider multi car insurance policy.
  • Cut off the high number of drivers on your policy.