The placement of your banner ads has a big effect on the number of customers that view and use them. If you want to increase your CTR rate, you have to know where to put your banner ads. A good way to know the placement of your ads is by imagining that you are the customer. You have to know what they feel like when you put ads that are all over one page or pop ups that are annoying to them. There are ways to know where to put your banners to get maximum leads. Here are some tips for you to try:

Banner Ads Placements (in Your Website) Determine Maximum Lead

Put Your Banner Ads As Close To The Page Content As Possible

The ads that are placed close to where the contents on a website are is proven to be more successful when compared to those whose placement are far from the content. If you place the ads on the side, it will get you almost no results at all so it is not best to do it. It is not good to make your banner ads too big that almost covers the entire page. The customers will find it annoying. If you do not know where to start in making banners, check out the make free maker that are available online.

Choose A Place Where There Are Only A Few Ads

If you see a website with a lot of banners, do not choose to put you’re a      ds there. These type of websites are irritating to the viewer and therefore will not be visited more often. These type of websites are slow loading and difficult to go to on a slow computer or internet connection. Make sure that you put your banner on a website where people are always going and is faster to load in any kind of computer to ensure maximum lead. You do not want to put your ads in a website where the customer gets annoyed and do not even want to visit.

Choose A Website That Caters To Your Target Market

You should always have an idea who your target market is and if your banner ads talk about perfumes or shopping products, you should choose a website that talks about shopping and products related to shopping as well. If you have a banner that talks about weight reduction, you should choose a website accordingly. This is to ensure that your customers are not confused as to what products you are offering in your website. Imagine putting an about shoes on a gaming website where people are mostly gamers and are not interested in shoes, this will not be beneficial to your ads. Make sure to choose websites that go along with the content of your banner ads and generate maximum lead and better CTR rates to increase sales and also get your brand name out there.