One of the unique trends nowadays is custom paper cups. Paper cups just started as simple cups merely serving as disposable cups. For those who will go on a picnic, on the beach,or anywhere to avoid the hassle of washing and cleaning cups, all tend to use paper cups and dispose it after use.

Paper cups before were justmade so plain. A little thick plain white paper is rolled circularly, and covered on one side, and a paper cupis made.

And now in the modern days, people came up with a unique and artistic idea to give personal touches and preferences to the cup. Personalized and customized paper cups are made. The outerpart of the paper cup is designed with different abstracts and images, printed and colored. You can see these personalized and customized paper cups used in fruit shakes, smoothies, juices, and sodas.Some stands use a cup entitled with their names like XY Cafe, and etc.

Best Catchy Custom Paper Cups Shades for Your Advertising

The fundamental concept on making custom paper cups is giving your personal artistry and touches and incorporate it to your cups to attract people. What attractpeopleare the printed image and the color, although from afar the observer will not be able to see the image printed on the cup, so most probably, the color is what attracts the customer. The attention of the customer will be shifted to the attractive colors of the customized paper cups.

A good combination of colors, hues, and shades will attract more attention. There are lots of colors, shades, and hues that are existing. And one of the candies is the color blue. There are lots of variations of the color blue, starting from the royal blue and navy blue, to the lightest baby blue and cyan. The same as blue, the other basic colors have their own variation. It will be very catchy to use different colors, shades, and hues of the colors. One of the good combinations of shades and colors are blue and white. It can be a pure white and a baby blue, or white and royal blue.For the favorite color of the eye, green, it will also be very nice to see a combination of till and light green. This is a good combination of a dark and light shade. Thiswill attract the attention of the observer.

Colors are vibrant when they are rich, so a custom paper cup may look more attention catching when it is made up of different vibrant colors. The colors of fruits printed in a custom paper cup will be able to attract much attention because it is made with the colorsyellow, red, green, orange and pink. Combining this colors makes a variation and overlapping of colors that will make you see more colors and that will make it more attractive.

Don’t forget that what makes a custom paper cup attractive is the personal touch of the maker and the colors complimenting the artistry of the designer.