how does SodaStream work

There are different types of SodaStream models on the market today, and they work slightly different. You must follow SodaStream instructions carefully for you to get the best results.

You can learn how to make club soda with SodaStream with few steps and how does SodaStream works. However, with time, SodaStream machines deteriorate. Also, they may develop some mechanical problems.  The common problems encountered while using these devices include:

They include:

Less Fizzing Even with Enough Carbon Dioxide Release

Sometimes the soda you make may not be fizzy as it should be. There are a number of reasons that may cause this to happen.

If you open the bottle too soon, the carbon dioxide may escape. This leaves your drink less fizzy. So it is advisable to leave your bottle closed for at least a minute. This ensures that all the carbon dioxide dissolves.

Also, it is essential to use cold water because carbon dioxide gas dissolves better in cold water. Even water at room temperature won’t dissolve the gas. Experts advise on using refrigerated water.

Sometimes, the problem arises from the carbon dioxide gas cylinder. Check, and sure it is okay. Check for:

  • Screwing: if the cylinders are not properly screwed, they might cause gas leakages. If gas escapes to the atmosphere, then what enters your water is less than required. So, it is vital to ensure that it is appropriately screwed all the time.
  • Faulty carbon dioxide gas cylinder: the cylinders also have problems. This can be the case where you buy a new machine, which may not be compatible it the cylinder. So ensure you find the right cylinder for your machine.
  • Empty cylinders: an empty carbon dioxide cylinder means no gas is being produced. So, ensure that you check out for the sign of your gas getting empty. And you can know when your cylinder is getting empty in the following ways:
  • It gets lighter
  • No carbonation when you press the button
  • Releasing a small amount of gas from the cylinder


Do you know how to clean your SodaStream machine? This is the trickiest part. Washing a machine and its bottle requires keenness. Most people destroy their machines while washing.

Always rinse the bottle with lukewarm water before adding dishwasher liquid. Add lukewarm water and shake vigorously. Let it and for 15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing with warm water.

Button not Working

The SodaStream carbonation button fails with time. It is made of plastic, and with time it tends to loosen. That means you have to press harder for you to carbonate your water. In worse cases, it stops working.

With proper usage, the button last longer. If it fails, consider buying a new SodaStream, which will save the frustrations.

Difficult Finding the Right Carbon Dioxide Canisters

Finding a refill is the biggest problem. It is better to buy cartridges that compatible with different models as well as those that are easy to locate.

How does SodaStream Work

While addressing the question, how does SodaStream work, is essential, you must buy a modern carbonation machine. Such a machine has sufficient information about it. Similarly, it has its parts that may be readily available.