In today’s fast-paced life, there would always be other things that need to be prioritized. Work, family, friends and other significant people in your life would take up most of your time. Thus, other necessary stuff like recreational and fitness activities that are actually more important are left behind.

Work and social life are important but making sure you are able to live your life healthily and productively. Health and overall wellness are important.

Fitness and Recreation in One

Now, you can enjoy the serene and calming breeze coming from the sea while having your fitness exercises. Fitness boot camps are the latest in health and complete overall program.

Complete Fitness at its Finest

In the world of fitness, “boot camp” pertains to group of fitness classes that not only promote weight loss, team spirit and the value of camaraderie. They have become popular since people are able to work out more and push themselves to their limit since they part of a group effort. Support from others would actually promote better and memorable experience.

Boot camps are entirely different from one another. Some camps would focus on yoga and callisthenic exercises. Others would opt for those who follow military drills. There are also would provide forms of cardiovascular routines like hiking, obstacles courses or interval training. While some would go for combination of different activities to ensure optimum effects and promotes better social aspects.

How it Works

Training in gyms would become a routine over time, and places, like, offer a more different approach in the fitness realm. You get to enjoy the refreshing outdoor air and have the best time with all other people who have the same goal.

The first day would usually be dedicated to assessment and testing to gauge each participant’s capabilities. Most boot camps would usually run between 4 to 6 weeks.  The final day would then focused on retesting, the same activities that were done the first day, to check if the participants have actually met the goal.

The popular fitness boot camp in Thailand offers a seven-day program that includes a holistic approach to fitness – together with the comfort of a typical holiday. For those who are constrained time, they provide the perfect weekend program.

A usual boot camp has several fitness experts that handles the different activities offered in the camp. There would be military personnel, bodybuilding professional and fitness professionals. The participants would then be divided into small groups of around 6- 10 people. Paperwork such as waivers, the program orientation and discussion of rules and guidelines would all be set on the first day as well.

Once the camp starts, participants are required to wake up early in the morning to start the day’s activities. Each activity would then be commenced with 10-minute warm-up session. A typical camp would have their activities last for 30-40 minutes.

Fitness boot camps are not just for those who want to experience military drills and exercises. They provide the best avenue in making sure that you will be able to enjoy physical activities with others.