With the value of time being admirable important we have resorted to the use of lightweight suitcases. Today we will not be caught pants down dragging heavy luggage along with us. Travelers want something simple, ideal, and yet serves them the best. They will go for something easy to take care of, to carry around, and which will not leave them standing in long queues. This is why today travelers prefer the best lightweight suitcases for use. Usually these suitcases come in handy and with limitless advantages. However, if you want your suit cases to last consider avoiding the following.


Avoid dragging your suitcase on various surfaces. The best lightweight suitcases will last long if proper care is taken on the surfaces they get used on. While quite a number of suitcases may come with telescoping handles and swiveling wheels. That is never an excuse to drag them along any available surface. Some surfaces may not be so material friendly and therefore will either tear the fabric or scratch the leather. For instance if the suitcase is made of abs it will lose its luster so fast if it develops any scratch.

Best Lightweight Suitcases

Over Packing

Most suitcases have their intended capacities. The capacity that a suitcase is able to hold is usually measured in lbs. Best lightweight suitcases for instance has a range of up to 5kgs weight and probably 9.4lbs capacity. The provided spacious cabin by the manufacturer is usually meant for a given size of weight. Therefore do not over stuff your suitcase. That is just not cool, over stuffed suitcase will lose shape and develop weak joints. With time it will give way and you may just lose the suitcase which you loved in a simple way.

Ignore Instructions

Of course the suitcase is yours and you can use it as you please. Yet if you have a soft spot for your suitcase then you should pay more attention to it. Ignoring instruction may mean losing your suitcase the fastest way possible. Best lightweight suitcases will last longest if you pay keen attention to the instructions of use. If you wash a leather suitcase with polyester detergents its gloss may fade. So when you read instructions you are bound to stay on the right track.

Apart from not over packing, never ignoring instruction, and not dragging your suitcase remember storage. Storage area is one part that affects the look of a suitcase. If the place is dusty you may use a dull suitcase on your trip.