The game beautifully covers the vastness of the space and offers you billions of stars to explore. Exploration of the space is even made more interesting by the inclusion of parallel narratives of piracy, trading opportunities, and discovery of undiscovered planets. The game is perfect for those people who wanted to be astronauts in their life but couldn’t become because of one reason or the other. The time span of the game features light years – isn’t it brilliant? Well, there is an important aspect of the game which teaches us a lot about reality: that is to say, the game is extremely difficult which shows that how difficult it would be for us to go to the stars in reality.

Choice of Spaceship

The choice of the spaceship in the game is very important, and it depends on money. There are different spaceships worth millions. If you pay higher prices, you will get spaceship with larger cargo capacity and with extra features to refine the materials that you collect from asteroids. The game is all about spacecraft: you can earn a lot of money if you know about mining. On the other hand, even if you have an outstanding spaceship, and you don’t know about mining, you will end up earning very little.

Choice of Materials

Once you get a spaceship, you need to get samples from different asteroids, and if the sample contains the indication of some essential elements like gold, then you carry the material in your spaceship cargo, refine it and trade it with others to get money. The process seems very simple, but it isn’t actually because of the plethora of commands that you need to give for different actions.


This charming narrative of piracy has elevated the uniqueness and beauty of the game to the next level. Without it, players might have felt boredom in mere exploration, but piracy has made the case quite complicated. Pirates can get all you materials that you collected with so much struggle and hard work, and that makes you more conscious than ever of your possessions. To get t-shirt of this game checkout Forward and for discounts use Forward Coupons.

Nature of the Game

The character of the game is rather slow, and the game is perfect for those players who like slow and steady games. As mentioned earlier, there are more than 400 billion stars to explore, and now you can imagine the extent of darkness, the black nothingness that prevails in the game. However, different modes of play make it non-monotonous.