Have you ever gone travelling to different places? No matter how long and how far your journey is, surely you are carrying something in you. Most people are fond of going to different places to unwind, relax, have fun, bond with family, and have vacation and business purposes. Thus they always consider the things they are packing with them. Most likely, they will be prioritizing their basic needs such as clothes, hygiene products and other personal belongings. There are different types of “carry – on” that travelers can use such as hand bags, shoulder bags, back packs, briefcases and suitcase. From here, you can choose the appropriate luggage depending on the place you are going to and the situation or events you have. Here are the things you need to know when having your luggage.

Lightweight Suitcases in the World

Types according to uses

People usually have lots of places to go with and they carry bags with them. There are variety of bags according to usage. If you plan to go to the market to buy goods, the best bag that you should have is the typical hand bag or shoulder bag commonly made of plastics and cloth. As for now, people are encourage to use recycled bags or biodegradable bags. Moreover, if you are just going to places like church, school, park and offices you can have your tote bags and body bag. While if you have plans of going on hiking, it is appropriate to use back packs. Furthermore, if you wish to travel miles away, it is applicable to carry suitcases.


A suitcase is the universal term used to a unique form of luggage which is mainly used when carrying clothes and other important stuffs. It is typically rectangular in shape and has a handle at one side for carrying and transporting. Usually it also has lock combination for security purposes.


There had been great improvement in the suitcases as time had passed by. During the   early days, suitcases are made originally made from wool. Then trunks, woods, leather. Leather is used to cover the wood. It is designed to have coverings to be liquid resistant. Some also are made from heavy steel or iron. This is why it is bulky and too heavy to carry that is why few things can be kept here. Good thing there had been great modernization and innovation which gives you a better choices of this product in the market. Suitcases in this generation are very much appreciated because of its good features.


When buying a suitcase, it is important to have the right and best quality of it. Here are some of the important features that you need to know.

  • It should have wheels attached on it so you can just rolling it whenever you need go transfer from one place to another.
  • Made with expandable luggage for you to have enough space to put all your things.
  • You also need to consider its lock to secure all your things. There should be two handles to carry with to be hassle free.
  • Take also in to consideration the pockets and compartment for greater organization of your thing.
  • Lightweight structures are good especially when having a long trip.


The luggage industry had boomed around the world since modern era started. Famous creator and designer have been know because of their quality products. Lightweight suitcases become famous all over the world because of its main characteristic which is easy to carry and manage. Due to this, there is great demand of it.