Do you love to read? Have you found your latest title yet? Well you should have. I know that finding a great title for your next novel can be tricky especially when you have thousands of books to look through. However, you shouldn’t be worried I have developed a number of tricks that will help you to find your next best title.

Ask a Pal

Pals or loved ones make the best references to go for when you need a great title. Chances are they have read a book that you haven’t. The best pals to go with are those who take reading for a hobby. You know your pals. Sample up a few and find out what they like. This makes it easy.


Sure thing, specialize. I have done it over and over again. Do you love romantic books, comic, thrillers, horror, or scientific titles? Make a choice and narrow down your options to what you are into. A great way to do that is to try out a single novel in every category and find out which one you are drawn into the most.

Find Covers

Many writers will give a preview of the story at the back of their book. You can always take a glimpse on what lies inside by looking at the cover. Reading the climax at the back, a well crafted section, or any other glimmer will give you the urge to catch up with the events too.


Today the game has gone hi-tech. Many book vendors and writers have created reviews websites for their books. You can always log in online and search for the title of your book. Finding a great title will be easy here as you can read through a number of reviews and get one to go with.


Like apps for your smart devices, there are a number of books that you could have. Looking at the star ratings will easily give you the best sellers in each category. An online library can be used for such. Personally when I want to buy bangla books online I concentrate on the star ratings.


Pricing may not determine the best book but it will decide on a great book for you. Here is what I mean; depending on your budget you will not afford every type of book. Instead of looking through volumes and volumes of books and wasting a lot of energy, you can easily go with books that fall within your budget and weed out the rest.


Covers will also go with the writer’s bio. Bios are especially great for new works. In case you want a great book, you should take your time to find what your writer has done before. Looking through their bios will reveal a masterpiece or so.

It’s not by mistake that we are advised not to judge a book by its cover. Great books could have dull and boring covers (pricey doesn’t mean quality). Keeping this in mind is the most important thing to do. Remember, when you need a book you should look through the tips that we have highlighted.