Do you want an awesome YouTube WordPress Gallary? What have you done to achieve it? Nothing…too bad! Here are a number of cool and stylish plugins that you could use to spruce up your YouTube WordPress Gallery.

The TubePress Gallery Plugin

TubePress is simple to use yet very powerful. It is a video gallery plugin that gives you a ton of controls. It also allows for an automatically embedding of videos from either YouTube or Vimeo. All you need is to adjust your settings to your liking. Once done a gallery will automatically be created for you. It will also be inserted wherever you insert the shortcode(s). Inserts can go in terms of user, playlist, most viewed, favorites, features, and related among others.

Contus Video Gallery Plugin

This plugin gives you one of the most ambidextrous video page gallery. Typically it is known to create a gallery page with multiple sections including featured videos, popular videos, related videos, recent videos, and many other categories. The best part is this…every one of its videos resides on its own page. The pages also get created automatically once the URL is inserted. The plugin also offers a number of controls including height, width, rows, and numbers adjustments.

YouTube Simple Gallery Plugin

This wordpress youtube gallery like the name suggests is really simple to use. It is the one plugin that allows you to set up video galleries by individually choosing which videos you want to show. This is awesome as you make the final choice based on your needs and the needs of your business. Once you have chosen your videos you can then insert your gallery into a chosen page or post. When doing this you will use the generated shortcodes along with the chosen URLs.

YouTube Gallery Channel Plugin

If you want different designs for your YouTube displays this will be your best plugin. The best part is that with every click on your chosen link, URL, or video, the video plays individually on a large area at the top of your browser. Indeed this is one of the many plugins that will run as a widget or on a shortcode. This makes it ideal for putting your videos on a side bar too.

GS YouTube Gallery Plugin

This one also runs as a widget or a shortcode. It will allow you to put your videos on a side bar. It has a number of controls that you can enjoy using. You can also control the size, height, width, and many other dimensions of your YouTube Videos. This is one of the most used plugins in the recent times.

It is usually very easy to add YouTube Videos to WP posts or page. All you need is get a shortcode from your plugin provider and post it out; as simple as that and you will ready to hit the road. Let’s just say this is one of the simplest ways to make sure your e-commerce site rocks.