It might look so easy hovering right above your head, but trust me flying a drone is much harder than it looks. While many people would love to show off their skills, quite a number crash and burn before coming off as pros – I did! Here are some awesome tips I have learnt that will help you to fly a drone like a pro in no time.


Don’t Opt for Manual Mode too Fast

Expert fliers use manual mode. You are not an expert. Play within your league. Manual mode doesn’t provide the stability you need especially if you are trying to make the perfect commercial film production shots. So if you don’t want to crash and burn on top of the bridegroom’s gown I would advise you to keep of manual mode unless you are a pro already.

Use the GPS Mode When Available

More expensive copters will come with the GPS mode. The GPS mode uses GPS to determine when the copter is in the best location so it engaged high stability and awesome precision. It is awesome for stable shots. It allows you to take your hand off the controls (pretty cool if you are a pilot who’s just transitioning to become a pro and is unsure of what to do).

Keep Your Controls Pretty Simple

I always say, remember up, down, left, and right. That’s all it takes to control the copter. No need for rolls or any other advanced techniques when you are just starting out. Spare the fun for the future and for optimal weather conditions. For the best shots, photos, or smooth aerial cinematography don’t waiver from just taking the simplest controls always.

You Should Try Master Hovering

Hovering technique is pretty tight when you don’t know how to fly. Meaning that in case you learn how to hover you will be transitioning into a pro already. Hovering allows you to take better pictures and videos. To hover best, keep it 4-5 feet off the ground, maintain a proper throttle, pitch, and roll to keep your chopper on the same spot every time.

Learn the Best Weather Condition

The best weather condition should be free of rain and wind gusts. Wind will shake smaller copter and most likely leave them with very poor shots. You can learn the very best weather conditions by watching the weather forecast and keeping tabs with your type of local weather. Learn this first before venturing in full drone piloting and cinematography.

Learn How to Turn Off the Throttle

When your copter crashes it will easily get damaged if the throttle is still running. The best thing to do is hone your skills on how to turn off the throttle. This stops the blade from rotating thus preventing any further damages.

I would insist that you don’t switch to manual mode pretty fast, hell no. That is the easiest recipe to disaster. However you can do it when you have properly honed your flying skills. Either way you can use the GPS mode if available since t makes your work simple especially if you are doing a commercial film production.