If you are looking for an offshore business opportunity to invest your wealth then do not look further. British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the place to be.

Located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico, this place offers an ideal offshore financial center. With tourism and financial services on the fore front, offshore investment has never been better.

And just to show how much of an ideal offshore business hub BVI has become, it is recorded that an all time high of 51.8% of the government’s revenue comes directly from offshore businesses’ license fees.

Get The Best Place For Your Business Company

In addition to that a considerable amount of revenue is usually further raised from direct or indirect taxation on offshore business payrolls.

So if you intend to invest on an ideal offshore business consider BVI. We will help you to understand every requirement for the right incorporation. Usually to be incorporated in BVI you will need to understand the following prerequisites.

That the type of company you will be dealing with will be known us Business Company (BC). It will be a corporate arm designed exclusively for transacting international business, and ideally it can take a form of a company limited by shares.

Depending on the type of Business Company that you choose to go with, your company can be designed as a segregated portfolio company, restricted purpose company, or simply a limited or unlimited company without an authority to issue shares, or with authority to issue shares.

Yes it is that simple when it comes to BVI and we are ready to help you with every step. The other thing that you might need to understand is that while the issuance of your license will be governed and supervised with BVI Financial Services Authority, you will still work under the jurisdiction of United Kingdom’s policy because BVI is a member of the Commonwealth.

An Offshore Company in British Virgin Islands will have specific annual fees and registration fees. A restricted purpose company will pay a total annual fee of up to 5000 USD. A BC with an authority to issue shares will give 1000 USD, while those with limited shares of up to 5,000 will pay an amounting figure of 350 USD.

There is availability of shelf companies. And companies authorized to issue shares also have different fees to settle. The minimum fees is however 350 USD in all. There will be disclosure of beneficial owner and an opportunity for bearer forms when it comes to Offshore Company in British Virgin Islands.

BVI is a great place to invest. It will offer you wealth protection, great taxation policy, and allow you to change in domiciles. It will allow you to trade internationally, and lease any property.