There are certain ways to identify an individual who has completed the transition from being a chain smoker to a permanent non-smoker. However, the road leading to this change is challenging. In fact, it is common for most tobacco quitters to undergo several relapses and trials. Tobacco is the only huge industry that perpetuates a life-threatening habit. Given that fact, quitting an institutionalized form of addiction is a very daunting goal. A person who reaps the life-changing benefits of tobacco cessation will experience the following biological signs.

Freedom From Cravings

One of the compelling reasons why smoking is dangerous is because tobacco is an addictive substance no different from its natural counter parts marijuana or cocaine. Cravings are the first huge hurdles one must cross in being a complete smoking-free individual. One can tell the absence of tobacco craving when there is no longer any conscious need to buy even one cigarette stick within a month. Getting over the cravings is a gradual repetitive process requiring a therapist’s or life coach’s supervision.

How Can You Tell You Are Finally Smoking Free

Freedom From Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are painful or discomforting physical side effects of tobacco getting flushed out of the system. One would think of them as an extension of craving stage. It is common for tobacco quitters to experience allergies and, at worst, fevers after a long duration of stopping cigarette smoking. Specific symptoms also include non-stop coughing, night sweats and the inability to sleep throughout the night. This is the most crucial stage of kicking the habit. It is during the withdrawal symptom that a simple craving is on its twilight stage and is “desperately trying to sustain itself” by sending intense appetite signals in the brain. Analogically speaking, withdrawal symptoms are a quitter’s epic internal battle. People who generally got past this stage are mostly thankful for their life-changing decision to quit smoking. It promises a slow restoration of vitality, and they often begin with heightened sense of taste and smell that allows people to enjoy life better.

Freedom From Nicotine Substitutes

A significant number of tobacco quitters have owed their complete success from the religious usage of nicotine substitutes. Nicotine substitutes in a form of tobacco chewing gum or water-based electronic cigarettes help chain smokers to eliminate tobacco into their system without completely getting rid of the act of consuming the substance. Nicotine substitutes simulate the usual feel chain smokers usually feel when the craving starts. Despite its popularity, serious health critics argue that nicotine substitutes are futile. The idea is no different from “jumping from one addiction to another”. While the physical or biological aspect of tobacco cessation is corrected, the deteriorating psychological aspect is never addressed. A person who is completely smoking-free has no need of consuming fake substances.

The best time for chain smokers and occasional smokers to quit smoking is “right now”. Visit this website to know more about all the far-reaching dimensions of tobacco quitting.  Oftentimes, success also comes from the invaluable help of therapists dedicated to spread the gospel of excellent cardiovascular wellness.