A perfect oral health is important for a smooth lifestyle. Without it you might spend so much cash on treatments and possibly end up broke if you’ve got no proper dental healthcare plan. Proper oral care will protect you from a number of dental problems. Here are some of the most common dental problems that proper oral care will protect you from and how to avoid them.

How to Avoid the 6 Common Dental Problems

Bad Breath

Bad breath is also called halitosis. It is caused when layers of bacteria become embedded on the tongue. This results to foul smell. Other possible causes are dry mouth, foodstuffs, and glandular conditions. Onion and garlic are some of the food stuffs that cause bad breath. To manage it visit a dentist, scrap your tongue daily, and use anti-histamines that your doctor will prescribe.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by bad oral hygiene. It can also result from genetic susceptibility and poor habits such as smoking. According to an expert cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, this condition will manifest at 30s. Kids will however suffer from gingivitis. At extremes gum disease is called periodontitis and can easily cause heart attack. Visit your periodontist for antibiotics prescription, mouthwashes, and possibly surgery.


Tooth sensitivity is another common dental problem. Its major cause is exposed root surfaces. This happens when the gum recedes even for as little as one millimeter. And because the root surface is extremely porous and allows air and liquids to flow directly, it will stimulate your nerves and enhance sensitivity heat, cold, acidity, and many more. See your dentist for treatment.

Stained Teeth

Stained or yellow tooth is often caused by bad habits such as smoking, too much consumption of caffeinated coffee, and many other foods and beverages. Red wine is also another major cause. If you sustain yellow teeth you can use the many over-the-counter strips, seek laser whitening, and talk to your dentist for veneers.

Tooth Decays

Tooth decays are also known as cavities. Cavities are caused by buildup of bacteria and plaque on the teeth. Such buildup will be caused by food deposits. The main foods that will cause this include starch, sugary foods, and other carbohydrates. These will secret acid waste that dissolves the enamel. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss between meals, and seek refills, implants and crowns for missing teeth.

Tooth Erosion

According to Dr. Mohamed Ali an expert cosmetic dentist in San Francisco, tooth erosion is very common particularly to guys with bulimia (where stomach acids cause teeth enamel to dissolve). This can completely dissolve the teeth enamel and leave you completely toothless. Dr. Ali states that having regular dental checkups can help to determine early cases of tooth erosion.

The other cases include tooth aches, teeth grinding, and mouth sores. Overall brushing your teeth with fluoride twice a day and flossing between meals is fantastic way to maintain your oral care. Visit your dentist regularly too as this helps to prevent rather than cure.