It might feel like a great thrill when you see a pal or a loved one lying comfortably in a hammock either for an afternoon nap, or simply to pass time and get a grasp of their favorite novel or book.

And while you might want to jump in with them, you should know that the ideal hammock comfort comes at a price. To remain comfortable, safe, and enjoy your book, you will need to set up a strong and comfortable hammock, therefore stick to the following.

You will need to keep in mind how high to set up your hammock so that it can’t touch the ground. And again you will need to keep in mind how far apart the attachments should be.

And irrespective of what your hammock worries are, one thing that is usually very vital when it comes to setting up a hammock is how to achieve the ideal sag – the amount of curve that you can lie on in your hammock and still get flat.

How to Set Up a Reading Hammock

This sag is usually determined with the amount of distance between the ends of the hammock. It can always be easily measured by measuring across the empty space between the two ends of your hammock.

It is this distance that is also referred to as hammock ridgeline length that will provide you with the ideal curve, a great comfort, and a fantastic hammock for your use.

And probably right now you could be wondering how difficult hanging a reading hammock might be, well the truth is its as simply as counting 1,2,3 and all you need to determine is the following.

  • The distance between the two hammock end points.
  • The height at which you need to tie your ropes, straps, or eye bolts.
  • The kind of hammock material that you intend to use.
  • And how high from the ground your hammock should sit.

And imagine this, reading out on a sunny day or setting your hammock under open air? This might not be quite ideal, but it will still work if you follow my advice.

Simply set up a canvas tarp – the kind that is used to create digital media, right above your hammock. I say canvas because they are usually more durable to all weather and an affordable way to care for your hammock just like Jeff Campbell CAMBRIDGE CANVAS points out. It will provide ideal shade for you and the needed sunlight and rain protection for your hammock.

So while keeping your hammock safe should be at the top of your list, finding the ideal tarp for your own protection from Jeff Campbell Cambridge will be an ideal way to start, as you will have the opportunity to learn more about, Roll Wraps, custom tarpaulins, tarp ties, and other ideal hammock equipment.