Very many adjustments have been made to my lifestyle ever since I started to live with my aging uncle. To start with I dad to change the guest room into an ideal place for him. So basically my house now lacks a guestroom and so I have to ensure that all the visitors that come my way fit in the other bedrooms with my kids. I also had to build up a few ramps in the toilet and the bathrooms so that he can have adequate support while moving around. And above all I have had to clear up all the hallways and the staircases so that I can minimize the frequent falls that my uncle had. My kids have also had their playing section in the house marked and no toys should be left lying aimlessly on the floor.

But life with my uncle has been very much lovable. As the oldest member of my family everyone has looked up to him. In fact we all want to take great care of ourselves to knock that same age as him or even more. I think living with him at his senior age has been one of the best times of my life.

I love My Senior Uncle To Death

For instance my uncle has completely unified our family for a simple but true course. By taking care of my uncle each and every family member has wanted to contribute something to this cause. My kids for instance will be caught massaging my uncle’s toes whenever they are together. They also drag him out on the lawn so that he can stretch his legs. While I wash his laundry and prepare his meals on time, my husband keep the bills paid up so that we do not lack his medication or even the ideal meals. So that his how living with my uncle has completely changed our life style in a great way.

And that is not all as my uncle also loves to tell stories. Those war stories that he had experienced as a youth while serving with our national armed forces have turned into our ideal bedtime stories. Sometimes we even take him to senior living ottawa to visit a friend that they once served with and the stories get much better when they meet. So no one goes to bed before the “family time” bedtime stories. So ideal are the stories that he has become one major source of inspiration to us.

Ideally we love our uncle and I have come to realize that living with a senior can be such an ideal step in life.