Reaching the age of 40 and above doesn’t mean that you would stop from exercising since the fact is it is still must to do it to live a healthier life. This will keep you moving and you could still go on with your daily routines. Well, you can still surpass the strength of the younger generations if you are healthy and fit. Now to provide you some tips on how you can be still at the prime of your life, here are some of the ideal body weight training exercises for middle aged men. Read on.

Best Exercises for Middle Aged Individuals

 Before you do some exercises, it is a must that you do some body warm-ups first. You can start by stretching your body or you can do a jumping jack first. Brisk walking would be nice to warm up your muscles.

Chest Press – You can do a chest press using light dumbbells. Simply lie on your back and lift the dumbbells that are leveled on your chest. Do this routine in 12 reps. This will enhance the muscles of your arms and hands.

Ideal Body Weight Training for Middle Aged Man

Biceps Curl – Again, using the dimbells, you can do this routine easily. Stand on your feet or you can simply sit down comfortably and carry the dumbbells using just one hand or both.

Squats – using a squat machine, you can exercise and enhance your abdominal muscles and also your leg muscles. You can also use dumbbells or kettlebells as you squat. Just make sure to use the proper weight training equipments to avoid having any injury on your muscles and bones.

Leg Curl – Again, you can use dumbbells or a leg curl machine in doing this exercise. This type of exercise will enhance your hamstrings or the muscles on the back of your legs.

Bench Press – Besides the chest press, you can also implement bench press exercises. Simply lie on a bench press machine and carry the right weight of bench press equipment. This method will enhance your arms and chest.

Pull-ups – You can also implement pull up exercises on a chin bar. This involves enhancing your biceps, deltoids and your forearms. Just make sure you don’t have any muscle injury in your arms to avoid any accidents as you apply this exercise.

Knee Extension – Using ankle weights or small dumbbells, you can also apply knee extension exercises. This will enhance your leg muscles and it will also increase the strength of your knee joints. Simply sit on a chair with the ankle weights strapped on your ankle or you can use dumbbells and gently raise your feet up and down.

These are just some of the healthy resistance exercise methods you can do as you turn 40 and above. It’s simple and yet very effective. Now, as you apply these exercises, make sure that you also eat health foods to compensate with the energy you’ve lost in your body. Drinking lots of water would also be advisable. So apply these tips and live a healthy and longer life.