There are many rumors out there that tarnish the name of reel mowers. Well, while some of these rumors may be true about older mowers, modern reel mowers are more reliable and completely different from the ancient models. Here are reasons why you should buy the best reel mowers:

  • Lightweight

Reel lawn mowers weigh between 15 to 20 pounds. This means that you will not only save on shipping cost but also lift them over things in your yard or hang them on the wall.

  • Environmental friendly

A power mower produces a lot of hydrocarbon per hour, which is not good for the environment. Reel mowers are human powered; therefore, they don’t release any harmful components to the atmosphere. You don’t need to deal with smelly lawnmower fumes and you don’t have to worry about buying gas. It is the best option for individuals who are environmental conscious.

  • Saves you money

You’re not using gas to power a reel mower; therefore, you will save a lot of money in the long run. For example, if a gallon of gas goes for $4 and your power mower uses a gallon to mow the lawn and you have to mow three times a week, then you will save over $9. When using a reel mower, you don’t have to cater for these expenses. All you need to do is buy and start using.

  • Easy to maneuver

Since reel mowers are light, they are flexible which makes them easy to maneuver them around obstacles like rocks, flower gardens and tight spots. They are also easy to push uphill since they are light, making them ideal for people who have a hilly yard.

  • Good for grass health

Reel mowers use sheering motion, which clips grass and cuts its more evenly when compared to other blades which shred grass tips, making it vulnerable to diseases and insects. Grass that has been cut by a reel mower heels faster and is not susceptible to these diseases.

  • Great for mowing small lawns

 If you have a small lawn, it doesn’t make sense to buy a giant power mower. Reel mowers are small, easy to use and easy to store. They also get the job done a lot faster. They are ideal for small lawns

  • Quieter than power mowers

Because reel motors don’t have a power motor, they don’t make noise. The blades only produce a quiet sheering sound as the blades cut the grass. You can use the best reel mowers to mow your lawn early in the morning or late at night without worrying that you are making noise.

For those who would prefer pushing an extra load, reel lawn mowers is the ideal choice. They are great home maintenance tools that are essential for every home needs, and in addition, you can find them easily. Choosing the best lawn mowers could mean that you need to do your homework. You could get online recommendations, use reviews and get help from your loved ones.