When writing a resume, you do so with clear intent. The intention is to convince your potential employer to consider you for the job. In short, a resume is the first interaction that you make with your hiring manager.

As such, you want your resume to represent you in every way. More importantly, you need it to give you the interview, and finally, land you that dream job. But how do you tailor a resume that’ll land you that dream job?

You can always use professional resume writing services. However, if you want to prepare your resume alone, here are tips that will be of great help.

Don’t Use the Whole Template

If you are going with a resume template, you don’t have to use everything that is included in the template. If you look keenly, you’ll realize that there are some parts that will be convenient on the template, while others may not.

In such a case, you should eliminate what is irrelevant. Instead, use what will help you. For example, if the template has a section for a resume summary and another for a resume objective, choose one.

The two cannot sit on the same resume since they serve the same purpose. Even so, it is not a new thing to find the two on one template.

Focus on the Most Vital Things

Instead of being everywhere at the same time, try to focus more on the most vital things. This is a targeted approach that’ll easily land you the job. The mistake that many newbies do is to list so much when they aren’t relevant.

I have seen people who listed job duties under the experience section. This is detrimental and will cost you the job. You can focus on achievements and skills separately to get the better of the two.

Use the Right Page Margins

In a typical scenario, the right margin is a one-inch margin on all sides of the resume. This should be accompanied by single spaces between your lines. Focus on the right margin to make your resume look uniform.


Finally, make sure that you proofread your resume and remove all typos. It is the one way that shows how much attention you are to details. This simple tip is often the make or break point for most applicants.

Final Verdict

Use the best executive resume writing services to get a great resume for any type of interview. Most of them are experienced and will guarantee results. They are also affordable with several packaged.