You owe it to them. If not for them, you wouldn’t be here and besides no family should be left behind. Sending them to a nursing ensures that they are taken care of but breaking the news to them will also surely break their hearts. Instead of having to deal with moving them to a completely new place, the best decision for everyone is to ask professional help who can do the work right at your own place or your parent’s home.

Complete Support System

Choosing a home care provider over a hospice is definitely a more better option. Your loved one has a complete support system in place. The most important system would be you and the entire family. A professional caregiver’s work is to guarantee all other needs are met. It is important to understand that one’s need is not just on the physical aspect.

Elderly family

Living in a nursing home would detach them from a lot of things that matters to them. When you reach that age, memories are even more meaningful. You will remove them from their friends, the community where they spent most of their life and other valuable matters. Taking them out of their home or moving them away from the rest of the family would make them feel neglected and abandoned – which is definitely not your intention.

A reliable caregiver knows that a senior also needs someone to talk to, someone they can share their concern or just someone who can have a walk with them in the park. Reputable care agencies such as Senior Home Care Ottawa has been around for 40 years.

The Right Care

The primary task of the agency is to develop a customized plan that covers all the needs of the elderly. This plan would be based on the initial assessment conducted before a quotation of the overall cost of the service.

The assessment also covers the home itself. Do not wonder if the nurse who’s conducting the survey would check on different areas of the house especially the bathroom. The agency will also provide recommendations on how to make the place more apt for the elderly. This is important to avoid any accidents. Often times, they would advise installing railings on your stairways and grab bars in the bathroom, such as those found in Ottawa retirement homes,as this are accident-prone areas. Other common suggestions would be to rearrange the furniture in the home and changing of worn-out rugs and carpets that can cause falls and accidents. Making sure that the residence is apt for the elderly will make sure that no unnecessary hospitalization would happen.

Retirement homes, hospices and in-home care providers are all in place to make sure that your elderly loved ones are treated with all the respect and care they truly deserve. The only difference with in-home care is that the elderly will not be remove on the most important place of all – home.