Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that made a rapidly transformation, from a humble beginning to one of the fastest growing cities on earth. No wonder it is declared as the luxury capital of the world. Having a population of over 2 million people with more than 200 nationalities, Dubai still manage to get rich in spite of the quantity. There’s a lot of reason to live in Dubai. Dubaiformule tout compris. Unlike other Arabian countries, this place gives the assurance of safety, politically stable, has a good quality of education and up-to-date healthcare facilities, modern infrastructure from Hotels to shopping malls. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all in Dubai, you got it wrong. There are still many things can only be found in Dubai.

Things That Can Only Be Found In Dubai

  • Hotels

Dubai has the most elegant, breath-taking sceneries and don’t forget the luxurious Hotels this place has to offer. If you’re planning to check- in to an amazing hotel, visit BurjKhalifa. The world’s tallest building. It’s worth the visit, as the views will blow your mind.

  • Pets

People in Dubai are pet lovers, they are all dedicated in terms of having pets. Whether they have the mighty lion or the fluffy tiger, they bring their beloved pets wherever they may go. Only in Dubai!

  • Sports Cars

No wonder Dubai is the richest country, they not only offers luxurious treats but also can afford to have a supercar. Ferrari and Lamborghini are just few cars that causes traffic in Dubai, it’s just like a car show, parade of different expensive cars.

  • Cellphones

Do you have a mobile phone that worth more than your house? Well, Dubai has it all. If you are searching for something to invest, have a phone that is made up of gold. How’s that sound?

  • ATM Machines

Out of cash is not a big problem in Dubai, you can withdraw everywhere. But have you seen an ATM Machine that spits out gold? It’s only in Dubai.

  • Free Food for the poor

Dubai is not only preserving the wealth this country have, but also sharing the blessings they are receiving. There is a store in Dubai that offers free food for those people who do not have money and unemployed. One food each person.

  • Exotic Food

When it comes to food, Dubai is almost exotic to imagine.It does not have its own Michelin Guide, but instead it imports chefs or restaurant chains that have previously been recognized elsewhere by this prestigious publication.

Living or working in Dubai is exciting, something new happens every time and different every now and then. Whether they are constructing a new sports stadium, or a mega commercial tower, a residential place or yet another shopping mall. Dubai is constantly on the move, a rapid progress for the comfort of all the residents and visitors.

If you are planning to make Dubai your new home, come and visit the country for you personally explore the beautiful and amazing Dubai can offer for everyone.