Why drag along a heavy luggage for a good time when you may end up spending your whole day by the beach? You are going to have fun, take a break to cool off and then get back home. So in reality you may not need the whole shopping mall carried along in that simple luggage. Save yourself the hustle and grab that carry-on bag. It’s time to have a good time, but if you are not sure what to leave behind check out the following.


Sunscreen, shampoo, after shave, and face wash will indeed come in handy so you may consider carrying them. But why drag a whole bottle of each when you are only going for a week long holiday? If you have to carry your toiletries along, consider using the smallest package available. You do not need to lug loads of weight around you.

Things You Shouldn't Pack For A Holiday Trip

Cooking Ingredients

Of course Chinese food is not as yummy as your normal food. So is the Italian cuisine so you may have to drag a few tea bags and source to have the home taste. But come to think of it you are going on a holiday, for a cruise, to try out a whole new culture. If you needed the beauty and feel of home why are you taking that break when you can go to the swimming pool next door? Simply ditch those homemade options and walk into that Chinese culture head first you will definitely love something.


Yet if you want your luggage to come as overweight at the security checkpoint you can consider carrying a novel or two for holiday reading. Ideally why would I need a novel on trip when I can come back home after my holiday and still find it intact at my book shelf? If I were you I would consider using the lightest luggage possible. For instance best lightweight suitcases will ideally put your packing into check and hence forcing you into packing only the necessities.


That heavy towel that you wrap yourself up with every morning is just ideal for your home. Do not pack it up in your luggage. If you had gone for one of the best lightweight suitcases, packing such a towel will take up the whole space. So instead consider carrying a microfiber travel towel instead. Do not over pack your luggage only to find it bursting in the middle of the trip.

Precious Possession

That diamond anniversary pendant that your husband bought for you may be quite fascinating. But this is a valuable possession that you do not need to tag along. You are going for a holiday not a business trip that you intend to keep everything official. So do not hide on in a side zipper along best lightweight suitcases and hope it is safe. Even if your hotel has room cameras and enough lockable safe do not hope it is safe.

Holidays are usually time to cool off and carrying a lot of luggage with you may mean you will be looking after your luggage instead. So do not drag along a lot of stuff. Keep it simple and enjoyable for you.

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