Tulga Demir is the current CEO of Demir Energy, LLC. The company deals in Oil and Energy and is situated within the Greater Nashville Area in Louisville, Kentucky.  Since its inception in 2015 Demir Energy, LLC has been under Tulga Demir as founder and CEO. It has registered an awesome success since then and ideally become one of the household names in Oil and Energy sector.

demir energy

Prior to starting up the Demir Energy, LLC in 2015, Tulga Demir had the opportunity to lead one of the most successful oil and gas company the Global Energy Acquisitions, LLC (GEA) as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder between the period 2010 and 2015. GEA was extremely successful as an oil and gas exploration, development, and production company. It was a focused company that stuck with strategic exploration & drilling programs, acquisition & development of oil reserves, and advanced technological oil recovery capabilities in Kentucky and Tennessee.

It was after this successful stint with Global Energy Acquisitions, LLC (GEA), Tulga Demir founded the Demir Energy, LLC as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. He chose to focus on the geographical area of Kentucky and kept his company’s has its headquarters in Louisville, KY. He specialized on oil and gas exploration, production, development, and above all brought in a new approach of the Waste-to-Energy power production solutions.

Today Tulga Demir has over 15 years of experience on business field. He is known as a strongly motivational and gifted leader who has robust entrepreneurial qualities and brilliance. He started his outstanding career in Real Estate development and later on transitioned into oil and gas exploration, production, and development where he has concentrated on since then.

Tulga Demir has a highly professional training and attended University of Wisconsin-Superior in 1996 – 2001. He went on Florida International University form 2001– 2003 for his professional training and certification.

Today Mr. Demir and Company, the Demir Energy, LLC are boundlessly recognized worldwide for their fascination and commitment to the exploration of clean and renewable energy. They are also known for their commitment to creating clean electricity from biomass, an ideathat Tulga Demir and company have chosen to ensure that future generations enjoy a sustainable energy source and a great care to Mother Earth.

So as to get to this level of success, Mr. Demir fused his outgoing personality with some of his best acquired skills including his knowledge of oil and gas exploration, business contract and deal negotiations, strategic and practical management, risk management, business planning ability, corporate financing skills, venture capital management, and asset management and acquisition.

Tulga Demir is a highly philanthropic guy. His commitment to improving the people’s welfare, has been reflected on his constant advocacy for animal rights and welfare, care and preservation of the environment, economic empowerment, disaster & humanitarian relief, poverty alleviation via research, and provision of social services among the rest.

Due to his fierce dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence Tulga Demir has dedicated his knowledge about life and business to helping the society; he has offered the rarest guidance, motivation, and self discovery to the benefit of all.