Unarguably, the world of online marketing industry is changing ever since the social media networks dominate the World Wide Web. Not to mention that most online users these days are no longer interested of using search engine but rather stay focus to their social media account. In fact, according to study, people are now spending most of their time to the social media networks and can spend 3 up to 6 hours a day. This is where the b2b web marketing and media buying comes in. FYI – there are lots of international companies worldwide which are investing to the social media advertising over than $25,000 per day. If you think the price is too much, wait until you see the ROI (Return of Investment)

Media Buying

It is a technical term in the web industry which creates a programmatic technology that can optimize the social media ads in real time. The most common example of media buying system would be the Google AdWord that has a highly innovative algorithm that can generate ads to the live viewers. Have you ever notice when you accidentally click on a certain online banner ad, you will be bombarded with lots of banners related to that ad? This time, the program is evolved to be much more complex and sophisticated. Nowadays, you are not just going to see online banners but also videos and advertising clips via social media networks.

Back In The Old Days

Not so long ago, you need to look or hire a b2b web design agency in order for your brand to be exposed to the right audiences. During the rise of Search Engine Optimization, you have to make press releases and look forward into it where it will be noticed by the online media and feature you to their articles. The real problem here is not exposing your stuff or ads but rather tracking the data. You could not analyse all the major tracks and the once who viewed and are interested to the produce or the service you are offering. Moreover, it is costly and you may have to exert effort upon your marketing campaign.

Progammatic Matters

This is where the program media buying is proven to be more effective, efficient and best of all, it guarantees good return of investment. The media buying helps the advertisers in order bringing the best target audience and turns them into subscribers or customers. How thus the program does so? It is by identifying the viewers’ search history, how long does the user spend time to a certain page and the viewers’ actions.

Target Audience

Not all adverting companies in the b2b website design knows exactly what they are doing. Have you ever encountered irrelevant advertising while watching a video clip from YouTube? It is quite annoying especially if it does not seem to be fitted to the video clip that you are about to watch.

The b2b marketing agency must know exactly the target audience by the tracking analytics when posting their video clip advertising to the social media networks.