A photocopy machine is an electrical appliance that is used in the home and office to duplicate documents. For this purpose, a cylinder is used, which is provided with a certain layer of selenium. When the paper is in the copier, and the lid is closed, one of the electrodes provides a positive charge to the cylinder.

During exposure, the top layer of the cylinder passes, and a neutralization takes place. As a result, the roller, with the help of the toner dust, duplicates the original document. One sheet of paper will be two with the same text or image.

Whether office, law firm, school, or practice, today, photocopiers become an indispensable part of many companies. But which photocopy machine in Bangladesh is the right one? Which photocopy machine is the best?

To find out the answer, you will need to do a little bit of market research and also look for the features of different brands. Buying decision of the right photocopy machine depends primarily on the application. So, before you buy a copier, you should answer the following important questions-

  1. Black and white copier or a color copier?
  2. What is the monthly print volume?
  3. How many pages of paper are needed per copy?
  4. How big should the copies be (A3 or A4)?
  5. Do double-sided copies occur?
  6. Do you want to feed originals automatically?
  7. Are additional functions like faxing, scanning, stapling, or punching required?
  8. Is the copier compatible with the existing operating system?

How much money should the copier cost?

In addition to the price and features, you should also include the following criteria in the purchase decision include-

  1. Copy quality
  2. print quality
  3. scan quality
  4. toner costs

A photocopy machine is mainly used for copying documents. Using laser technology, the photocopy machines transfer toner onto the paper. The photocopy machine can come in color device or mono. If you want to make copies without logos or pictures, you can go for mono photocopy machines. However, for copies with pictures and logos, you can go for a colored photocopy machine.

Photocopy machines come with resizing options. You can resize the fonts and images according to your requirements. Most of the modern photocopy machines also have scanning features together.

So, considering the above things, you can make the purchase decision of a photocopy machine.

A photocopy machine is a basic essential in every workplace. Apart from providing a photocopying option, it offers a wide range of features for the users. It also increases the workflow and productivity of any organization.