Vaporizer pens come in different types. There are dry herb vaporizer pens that will work and combust a little bit and then there are wax pens that uses oil and concentrate pens. Wax pens work just like they are on tv. The only difference is their battery life, mouthpiece function and longevity. The more expensive the pens are, the better materials are used for them and better battery life.Oil pens and concentrate pens are very different from wax pens. They have the same levels of battery life and longevity if you take a look at the price but concentrate vape pens are designed to burn and vaporize oil and concentrates. You do not have to mix anything or make some juice, all you need to do is put it in the tube and smoke it. To be honest, these pens cost a lot of money and it will be nice if they can come in cheaper prices. It’s a good idea to wish for this miracle but sadly, you can only wish for it. Oils and concentrate are expensive and no other type of oils will not vaporize to deliver the best quality results. If you put in some sort of oil that you but from the grocery, you will most probably ruin your vape pen.

What Vape pen should I buy

Here are the most popular vape pens so far:

Atmos Raw Vaporizer

Just like the elax hookah vape pen, this vape pen is made of top materials like stainless steel and ceramic parts. It is lightweight and portable and is one of the pioneers of vape pens around the world. It also lets you use dry flowers, oil and wax making it very flexible.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer

The feature of this vape pen is the herb tank. This vape pen also supports all kinds of materials that you can use to vaporize. It is also very cheap because it is less than a hundred dollars. The battery life is longer in comparison to other vape pens and it is also very light.

G-Pen Vaporizer

The G pen may look expensive but it is very affordable and is high in quality compared to other pens today. This pen is the best alternative because you only need to put oil in the tank and you are ready to puff. You may think that it is very small when compared to other vape pens but it will allow you to produce 3-4 puffs everytime.

Omicron Pen Vaporizer (V2 and Persei)

This vape pen comes with lifetime warranty and removable batteries that can last up to one week. This can also use oil so you do not have to go through any kind of trouble. This vape pen is the most easy to use for first timers and there is not heating time which gives you instant vape.