Choosing the best type of flooring can never get harder than it did for me. Having browsed across the net and walked into many stores I almost gave up. The choices were too many, too confusing, and all very complex. However after a period of soul searching I fell for vinyl flooring. Initially I was not sure if I had made the right choice. But with a decade gone I have never regretted. Vinyl is simply awesome and with absolutely great merits such as these.

Variety Designs

This is what I noticed when I was settling for my vinyl floor. The design options are breathtaking. They are endless both in hues, and designs. Solid and composite vinyl can even be combined to create a number of unique patterns. The patterns can be random or solid. And if printed, vinyl will blow you away. Because you will be able to recreate the look of natural stones, to any other material you may desire.

Why You Should Choose Vinyl Floor

Low maintenance

Vinyl is the easiest floor to maintain. With dust and grit kept away, and with a vinyl floor cleaner in stock, you are good to go. Your floor will remain scratch free and stainless.

Moisture Resistant

Bamboo flooring may have this trait with it, but vinyl perfects it. Having ensured that my vinyl floor was well stained, I stopped worrying about water spills. I learned that this material is impervious to water penetration, making it the best for my bathroom and kitchen. So if you have a laundry room at home, go vinyl.


There was a time a walked into a pal’s home during the winter, and I immediately missed my home. The floor was cold I had to keep my feet in 5pairs of socks. Something that I never did in my home, do you know why? Because my vinyl floor never gets cold in winter. It is soft and even has a padded layer that makes it irresistible.


Let me tell you something my friend. Installing a vinyl floor is very much on the low. You will not feel the pinch in your wallet. In fact if you went for the low cost option you may not even feel it at all. I learned that the quality of the tile used, and their design option is what determines its price. And this is still way more affordable than wood flooring options.


And who wouldn’t want his floor to last longest? Mine has lasted for close to a decade and a half now. I still enjoy it very much. I purchased the best quality, and the best design the market could offer me then. And I am sure it will serve me well. The floor is not scratched or damaged. This is because of a simple reason. Vinyl is simply homogenous and therefore durable.

Aesthetic Value

I would not stop without mentioning this, the beauty that vinyl adds to your inner décor. Laminate flooring los Angeles rates its beauty, with its stain resistant sheets. But I think it also comes in with the ease of its installation.

Vinyl floors will serve your needs to the best. So if you are choosing a great floor, consider choosing vinyl too.